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TENA Pants Plus Adult Diapers (L) 8pc

TENA Pants Plus Adult Diapers (L) 8pc






Designed for moderate to heavy urine loss, TENA Pants Plus are extra secure and worn like normal underwear. The exceptional security is due to the FeelDry™ technology which rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and away from the skin so that, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable and the risk of skin rashes and infections is significantly reduced.

When worn, our thin and flexible core shape forms two absorption chambers, also known as the Dual Absorption Zone, that efficiently channel moisture away from the body.

TENA Pants are designed with integrated leakage barriers to provide the additional security that keeps loved one feeling dry, secure and confident.

An Odour Neutraliser in the core of our TENA Pants reduces the effect of ammonia, neutralising unwanted odour to keep the loved one feeling fresh and confident.

TENA Pants are made from a stretchy, soft and breathable material that allows air to circulate for optimum skin health and comfort.

TENA Pants have a close body-fit and thin flexible core shape to offer the improved comfort.

TENA Pants has a secure wrapping solution that make it easy to dispose the product after use.

The coloured waist back threads allow to identify the back and front of the product to easy put on the product

TENA Pants come in a wide range of absorbencies to suit men and women experiencing moderate to heavy leaks.


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