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ROHO Mosaic 18″ Cushion

ROHO Mosaic 18″ Cushion



Roho® Mosaic cushion is a cost effective seat cushion that is best suited for people who require basic level care. An air filled, adjustable, segmented design wheelchair support surface designed to adjust according to the user’s seated shape. The Mosaic is recommended for individuals weighing up to 110kg and who may require soft tissue protection while seated.

  • Repair kit
  • Cushion cover
  • Operation manual
  • Hand inflation pump
  • Adjustable to shape and weight
  • Easy to inflate, adjust and use
  • Provides 2.25in/5.5cm of immersion
  • Cushion can be easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Cover is machine washable and can be disinfected
  • Adjustable to changes in individual’s position over time
  • Hydrostatic distribution of load across the entire contact area
Height: 2.25″
Width x Depth (16″ cushion) 16″ x 16″
Width x Depth (18″ cushion) 18″ x 16″


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Weight 5 kg


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