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We have wide range of Rehabilitation Products; Wheelchair; Bed; Commode; Mobility; Nutrition Food and etc.

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Top Rated Products

  • 4.00 Out of 5

    Manual Double Fowler Bed with 4 section mattress

    RM1,820.00 Quick View
  • 4.00 Out of 5

    Apex Ripple Mattress : Domus 2S (Tubular) with Pump

    RM799.00 Quick View
  • 4.00 Out of 5

    DAF – R654LAG – Lightweight Reclining Commode Wheelchair Chair

    RM1,299.00 Quick View
  • 0 Out of 5

    HK67755 – Clear Pocket Pil Cutter 6/72

    RM16.00 Quick View

Recent Products

  • 0 Out of 5

    Alternating Pressure Mattress

    RM799.00 Quick View
  • 0 Out of 5

    Bubble Shape Anti-Decubitus Mattress

    RM399.00 Quick View
  • 0 Out of 5

    Sliding Transfer Board

    RM1,099.00 Quick View
  • 0 Out of 5

    ROHO Mosaic 16″ Cushion

    RM496.00 Quick View